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Youth and Future Leadership
Is Distributed Leadership the Future?

Dr Rozhan Othman

We have to look at the past to discuss whether Distributed Leadership is the future. Specifically, we have to look back at the pivotal work by Burns and Stalker on the notion of organic systems. Their work was published way back in 1961. But like many new ideas, it took time to make its way into mainstream management thinking. It was more than 20 years later that their ideas became a part of the mainstream conversation in management and leadership.

Leader as Hero: Are We Overvaluing Leadership?

Dr Rozhan Othman

Do we need strong leaders or strong institutions? Do our leaders need to be heroes who can protect and save us all the time or do we need leaders who build capabilities so that the organisation can remain strong even in their absence?

Way of Life
Islam Simplified

Dr Azman Hussin

Islam Simplified introduces Islam simply and comprehensively by presenting the overall framework of Islam that highlights the goals of Islam and its major components. It takes a wholesome and goal-oriented view of Islam so that Muslims and non-Muslims will understand clearly the “Why” of Islam.

Covid19 Create the Platform for Change

MK Ismail

The world has suffered greatly these past few months. Deaths, devastation and destruction has hit world economies in ways we could never have imagined. Throughout this pandemic, one thing remained a constant. “CHANGE”. This pandemic has brought the world to its knees and forced leaders, societies, organisations, institutions and entire nations to change the way they work to ensure the cogs continue to move despite the dangers that loom. 


Dr Rozhan Othman

The Covid19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. Rich and developed countries like the US, the UK and Russia has proven to be inept at handling the pandemic. The high number of infections and deaths in these countries shows how the national leadership in these countries have failed. These countries may have the best scientists and hospitals, but these cannot compensate for the tragedy of incompetent national leaders.


MK Ismail

Malaysia needs new blood as the Leadership of the country. The country should be willing to take the risk of a new leadership rather than believing that the old leadership would be able to make changes to the country. The old leaderships are not willing to take the risk that would jeopardizes their position and interest. It is very timely for Malaysia to develop a ‘Succession Planning’ of the country leadership. NOW is the right time when Malaysia is facing with the ‘Leadership Crisis’. We are not short of young leaders, but we need to give them the opportunity to rise to the occasion. We need them to challenge and be challenged. 

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